Public Health and Environment: Uncovering Key Social, Ecological, and Economic Connections introduce audiences to ongoing trends and challenges in public health and explore how these trends are intertwined and interdependent with environment.

This book aims to be comprehensive of the key connections between environment and public health by addressing the core curriculum of multi-disciplinary areas-as urban design, energy, housing, and economy-as well as in the health system itself.  It emphasizes the social factors that have brought the global environment to its current state including climate change, growing diseases incidence, demographic displacements, and increases in urban population.  It also includes relevant toools and indicators that can help the reader understand the impacts of individual and collective actions; hoping to encourage pro-active behaviors that would lead to near-by solutions.

The approach is academic; including primary and secondary literature findings of books, case studies, evidence-based journals, and comparative governmental data, through the seven chapters.  It is designed for students in environmental and public health sciences, as well as medical, allied health professions, and social scientists.

Public Health and The Environment


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