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Detect and Prevent Plagiarism

Ouriginal brings together the combined expertise of Urkund and PlagScan’s plagiarism detection solution, spanning over three decades. It is a similarity detection solution that combines text-matching with writing-style analysis to promote academic integrity and help prevent plagiarism.

What is Ouriginal?

Ouriginal is an award-winning software solution that combines text-matching with writing style analysis, enabling educators and users to assess the authenticity of any text. Our product helps create an environment which fosters fairness and sparks creativity among students, facilitating personal development by unlocking their full potential. Ouriginal can be seamlessly integrated into your current workflow, whether you use it through a learning management system (LMS) or as a stand-alone product.

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Why Ouriginal?

Ouriginal, in addition to being a plagiarism prevention software, also provides valuable feedback that can help students hone and develop their academic writing skills by focusing on creating original content.