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Chloé the Comfort Cat

Meet the newest addition to the Roylco therapeutic animal family —Chloé the Comfort Cat! Just like Theo the Therapy Dog, Chloé is a soft, weighted comforting companion created especially for children with sensory processing disorder, high stress, and/or high anxiety. The doll is life sized, durable and made from high-quality materials, with weighted components to provide deep pressure stimulation. Chloé has a hot/cold pack in a hook and loop pouch in her tummy that offers cool or warm temperatures, and she even has a lavender scent to help promote tranquility.

Chloé the Comfort Cat:

  • Unique textures on paw-pads, beads, eyes, fur, ears, and nose for tactile exploration.
  • A slightly heavy weight (2.5 pounds), for deep pressure stimulation.
  • Hot/cold pack in tummy can be removed, then heated or chilled.
  • Ceramic beads in the hot/cold pack emit a gentle lavender aroma when heated.

Chloé the Comfort Cat

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